Print guide

Your personalized book has been created. Now you want to print it. If you encounter difficulties during the creation phase, you can consult our section "HOW IT WORKS".

Simple PDF

No difficulty to print a simple PDF. You print it as you would print any document: the pages follow each other and each text is in front of the corresponding image. Click on the "SIMPLE PDF" button to open it in a new tab. You can now save it or print it directly.

Booklet PDF Recto/Verso

Start by downloading both PDFs (recto and verso) as we saw for the single PDF. Then print the "BOOKLET PDF (RECTO)" file. Do not touch the sheet package before printing is complete. You should have a leaf with a gray arrow at the top of the package. Take the package you just printed and put it back in the printer tray visible and pointed in the direction of printing (usually to the printer). Now print the "BOOKLET PDF (VERSO)" file. Remove the sheet with the arrow, staple and fold it to get a booklet.